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Safe pedestrian crossing for Macquarie Street in the South Hobart Village



We urgently need the Hobart City Council and state government to install pedestrian traffic lights across Macquarie Street between the butcher’s and chemist’s shops in the South Hobart Village. 

For 16 years the South Hobart Progress Association (SHPA Inc.) and community have been asking the Hobart City Council for a safe pedestrian crossing on Macquarie Street near BUPA Aged Care.  In 2017 this need has been overlooked once again in favour of $350,000 pedestrian funding in South Hobart being used toward raised crossings along the northern side of Macquarie Street – crossings over such quiet streets as Denison, Downie and Weld Streets.

Join us to request that the Hobart City Council reconsider this use of funds and make it a priority to provide an essential Macquarie Street pedestrian crossing in the South Hobart Village that benefits all pedestrians.

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  • The Lord Mayor, Aldermen and General Manager
    Hobart City Council


  • pedestrian safety
  • elderly
  • traffic lights
  • south hobart
  • liveable cities
  • environment


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