About the SHPA

The South Hobart Progress Association Incorporated was formed in 1922. It is one of the oldest community associations in the Hobart area. The SHPA (Inc.) became an incorporated body on the 23rd March, 1995 [Association number: IA 095596]. The aims of The South Hobart Progress Association Inc. are to:-

  1. Protect and promote the welfare, interests and general well-being of the community of South Hobart;
  2. Enhance, promote, protect, and preserve the social, cultural, and built heritage of Tasmania with special reference to South Hobart;
  3. Promote, organise, and conduct events, entertainments, functions, or any other similar activity in South Hobart;
  4. Make representations to local, State and Commonwealth authorities, bodies, boards, councils, or other entities, and any non-government entities for the promotion of the objects of the Association; and
  5. Operate and manage a community centre for the benefit of the community of South Hobart, and for other citizens and groups as may be determined from time to time.